Breast Milk Storage - Temperature Sensitive Timer from Mommy's Watches - Monitor Stored Breast Milk for Temperature and Time Safety - Pink - Pack Of 2


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Breast Milk Temperature Monitor from Mommy's Watches - Test and Monitor Stored Breast Milk for Temperature Safety. Mommy's Watches breast milk temperature test bands was developed by a busy mom for busy moms everywhere! Mothers of infants have enough to keep track of without having to worry about the quality and safety their expressed breast milk. From pump to feeding, the shelf life of breast milk changes based on the temperature it is stored at. Milk left on the counter has a significantly shorter expiration date than milk that is stored in the refrigerator or freezer, and it is not always easy to keep track of how long pumped milk has been in storage. Don't spoil your milk! Mommy's Watches eliminate the guess work and hassle of labeling by providing a simple, patented solution to testing the safety of your milk. The food grade silicone band of the Watch easily fits around most standard storage containers, such as Medela and Lansinoh, at the time you are ready to store. To restart the timer, simply press the button at the base of the watch. To check to see if your milk is still good, press the button again. The "check" and "x" marks will light up green and red respectively to quickly indicate if the timer is still counting or if time ran out. Mommy's Watches follow the guidelines published by the US Food and Drug Administration. MORE INFORMATION: Non-microwavable, Not Dishwasher Safe, Operational battery lifetime is over 1 year

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