Bottle Snugglers Feeding Time Helpers, Tender Teddy Bear


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Our Charming Teddy Bear is a classic childhood symbol, and every baby should have one as snuggly as this. It is soft brown velour with cream foot pads and a plaid bow, which is suitable for a boy or girl. This soft, huggable Bottle Snugglers? Charming Teddy Bear will support most baby bottle types and will become a favorite baby toy in your home after baby learns to hold the bottle alone. The Charming Teddy Bear is the bottle holder that started it all for Bottle Snugglers. This model gave such great help during feeding time for one Florida baby, that his parents actually bought the company! Interactive features such as crinkly ears and a squeak toy in the foot make this more than just a bottle holder. It is sure to be baby?s friend.

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